Frequently asked questions

Whether you are a designer, a wholesaler, a manufacturer or an individual, we offer different solutions to meet your needs.

5''x5'' swatches are available for each of our fabrics. Simply select the "Sample/swatch (5''x5'')" option in the menu to the right of each product image.

Inventory: Our fabrics are sold by the meter. Rib are sometimes sold by the half meter.

Presales : Fabrics are sold by the roll except for rib which are sold by the meter.

Fabric weight is in ounces per linear yard (oz/linear yard).

The width is in inches.

Tub = Tubular, the fabric comes in a tube, so there are two layers per meter.

Inventory: 3 to 5 business days are allowed for order preparation. You are free to choose the option that suits you best between different shipping companies (Fedex, Purolator, Canada Post...) as well as different services offered.

Presales: Check the calendar to find out the delivery estimate for the next presale period.

We do not guarantee that we will reproduce the fabric you want but you can always email us to find out!

Also check out the"collaborative presales" section to see if the fabric you want is one of them!

No. Montloup is a small team that does not have a showroom. Therefore, we cannot receive you in our workshops. That is why you have the possibility to buy samples (5''x5'' piece) directly on our website. We are available by email to answer all your questions.
We deliver in Quebec, Canada and the United States. We are also able to ship to the rest of the world. However, shipping prices can be very expensive. Please note that shipping costs are based on an average package size. If the prices are too high, you can write to us and we will offer you a personalized quote.

Custom production

Fabrics: The style number, the weight, the color and the quantities desired. For fabrics that are not in our regular line, we may need a sample for analysis. Visit our fabric production page for more details. 

Garments : We don't take care of garment production anymore but with a fabric production, we would be able to assist you. Email-us to have more info! 

For most of our fabrics, the minimums are 500m per style which can be divided by 250m per color.

No. The minimums per color correspond to the quantities of fabric per kilo that must be dyed and finished to have an even and uniform color. Therefore, we cannot produce any particular color below these quantities. The minimums per style correspond to the quantities of fabric to be knitted. It takes time to get it right. Ordering yarns, preparing and adjusting the machines are sometimes long steps that are spread over the amount of fabric produced.

Yes, we always do lab matches with a current production order.

In order to do this, we needa sample of the color or a Pantone TCX color code.

Please note that our Pantone binder is available by appointment only.

Approximate delivery time is 6 to 7 weeks when we have the threads in stock.

Please note that due to the current crisis, it is preferable to order in advance so that we can put aside the necessary amount of yarn for your order.