Montloup is above all a family affair: one that builds up as we grow. It is one that we’ve chosen and that we will keep choosing. It’s a story of partnerships and of stars aligning, rooted in the desire to let live and relive an industry. 

Montloup is a Montreal-based company that creates and designs organic and ecological fabrics, knitted in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) with respect for the environment. Its mission is to further the research and development of fabrics made in Montreal by placing ecology at the heart of its priorities.

Who's hiding behind Montloup?

Lila Rousselet directs Montloup. In love with fibres, colors and knits, Lila evolved in a world where fabric has always played a decisive role. After studying design and textile construction, she became production manager at Delyla’s, a Montreal company that specialized in the making of organic knitted fabrics.

In light of the social and environmental emergencies, she decided to offer more sustainable alternatives and an educational opportunity in an effort to do better. As fabric and clothes have always been a true passion, she decided to ally both. That’s how Montloup was born.


We are a small team that believes in the power of association!

Our strength is creating partnerships with local actors chosen for their experience and their high quality standards. From purchasing yarn to the final seam, each step is carefully controlled to offer the best possible product.

Photo credits: Morgane Clément-Gagnon
Graphics: Adeline Vieira and Lila Rousselet