Bamboo organic cotton spandex rib 2x1 14-14.5 oz.

Bamboo organic cotton spandex rib 2x1 14-14.5 oz.

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Rib 2x1 bamboo organic cotton spandex

68% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex
Weight: 14-14.5 oz
Width: 19/20" Tub

Black #5420-1

For sampling only: this product is subject to a maximum purchase of 1m per customer.

Fiber origin: China (bamboo visc./organic cotton), Asia (Spandex) •
Spinning mill: China (bamboo viscose/organic cotton), Asia (Spandex) •
Yarn Certification: OCS (Bamboo Viscose/Organic Cotton) •
Knitting: Ville Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada •
Dyeing and finishing: Ajax, ON, Canada •

Machine washable at low temperature.
Tumble dry not recommended.
Dry flat.

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