Welcome to Montloup

Manufacturer of eco-friendly fabrics made in Canada

Montloup is a Montreal-based fabric supplier specializing in the creation and design of knitted fabrics made in Canada with respect for people and the environment.
Whether you are a designer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or a start-up, we offer various solutions that meet your needs.

The assessment

Finding quality, locally made fabrics is a major challenge for designers. Order minimums are often high, colours are basic, manufacturing information is lacking and the way fabric suppliers operate is still archaic.

Our response

Montloup is the only Canadian manufacturer of traceable eco-friendly fabrics innovatively produced. With a streamlined process and reasonable order minimums, designers have access to trendy colours and complete manufacturing information .

Our fabric offer

Online inventory

From 1m to 50m

Sold online by the meter, for sampling and for small productions.

Accessible to all, our inventory offers a variety of fabrics knitted in Quebec, specially designed for clothing or accessories.

The collaborative presales

From 45m to 250m

Sold online by the roll for small to medium scale productions.

Thisgrouped production system works on a pre-order basis. It is aimed at designers and companies making clothing locally.

Bulk production

From 500m to 3000m

Sold for  medium to large scale productions.

This offer is aimed at clothing manufacturers  and at designers who can have their own fabrics produced in the colours of their choice.

our commitments to the environment

The textile industry is a highly polluting industry. It depletes natural resources, contaminates soil and waterways, and increases greenhouse gas emissions. Montloup is taking a stand against all this