Inspirations et recherches


I’m convinced that the time and space given to us in these past months will lead to a new era. Without knowing what it will be made of yet, I think it is time we conceive it.

Rethink the world

Encouraging people to move toward more local and sustainable fashion will help us take a step toward a more respectful and safe future for the environment.

Tendances couleurs

SS21 - Paradoxes

Absurdity, incongruity, glamour revisited, Paradoxes breaks the codes to rebuild a new world with luminous and dynamic colours.

SS21 - Neo neutrals

Artificial, digital, immaterial, would these be the words of tomorrow? Neo Neutrals offers new basics with grays with colourful reflections enhanced by one of the season's flagship colours, Scuba B...

SS21 - Intimate sweetness

A palette that we embrace with all our heart. Peaceful and delicate colours with sensitive and subtle contrasts to tint dreams with softness.