The textile industry is the second most damageable on earth. It exhausts the natural resources, pollutes the soil and water, and increases green house gas emissions. It is against all this that Montloup takes a stand.




At Montloup, we use as much as possible organic or eco-friendly fibres that are certified. We are constantly on the lookout for new solutions to avoid using synthetic fibres such as polyester or spandex that are used, when necessary, in less than 20% of a fabrics global composition.


We aren’t perfect, but we put a steady effort in minimizing our ecological footprint by constantly discovering new solutions to lower our impact even more. We welcome new suggestions!



Our organic cotton grows in a controlled environment. No chemical pesticide is used in the agricultural process and uses less water than in traditional cotton culture. The fibres used are also longer, which creates a softer and longer lasting fabric.

Bamboo is a sturdy plant that requires very little water to grow. Very resistant, bamboo has few enemies and therefore doesn't require pesticides to grow. Once it is cut down, it regenerates very fast, which makes it a precious renewable resource. The fiber is transformed by following a chemical process called viscose. It is therefore an artificial fiber whose manufacture, if not rigorously controlled, can be harmful to the environment. Its soft and breathable properties make this material an ideal choice for comfortable clothing.


Hemp, the utmost eco-friendly fabric, is a plant that grows abundantly and that doesn't require any pesticides to grow. In addition to regenerating soils, it isn’t very thirsty. Transforming it into fibre is done mechanically. In addition to being hypoallergenic, hemp fabrics are also very absorbent and have a neutral smell. Often associated to organic cotton, the fabric obtained is soft and withholds all of the hemp fibre properties.


By offering products made in Canada, Montloup ensures the transparency of all of the production chain as well as the recognition of the work done by devoted humans. We thereby ensure that the production respects its quality, environmental and ethical standards at every stage of the production chain.

As of February 2022, you will find all the information regarding yarn origins, their place of manufacture (spinning mill) as well as certifications under all product descriptions.

All the knitting is done at ville Saint-Laurent (Quebec, Canada) by a team of expert knitters. If you've visited our social media platforms, you've probably already seen the faces behind the production.  

For the finishing process, Montloup works with local finishers from Ontario and Quebec.