Our know-how

Montloup is a Montreal-based fabric supplier specializing in the creation and design of knitted fabrics made in Canada with respect for people and the environment. Whether you are adesigner, wholesaler, manufacturer or astart-up, we offer various solutions to meet your needs.


At Montloup, we specialize in knitted fabrics. These include jerseys, ribs, interlocks, piques, thermals, brushed fabrics (fleece or sherpa) or looped fabrics (terry or French terry).
The fibres we use are organic cotton, wool, bamboo- viscose, lyocell and hemp.


At our factory in Ville Saint-Laurent (QC), we carefully select which yarn to use in the manufacture of our fabrics. We prepare our machines to obtain the desired result in line with our specifications and standards of quality. To find out more about our eco-friendly and transparent practices, visit Our commitments to the environment page.

Dyeing and finishing

Once the fabric has been knitted and the colour approved, it is sent for dyeing and finishing. It is at this stage that we control the fabric's colour, thickness and width . Montloup works with various dyers in Quebec. After passing our quality control, the fabric is then sent directly to our customers or added to our online inventory.

Our fabric offer

The inventory

From 1m to 50m

Sold online by the meter, forsamplingand small productions.

Accessible to all, our inventory offers a variety of Quebec knitted fabrics, specially designed for clothing or accessories.

The presales

From 45m to 250m

Sold online by the roll for small to medium scale productions.

This grouped production system works on a pre-order basis. It is aimed at designers and businesses making clothing locally.

Bulk production

500m and more

Sold in person for medium to large scale productions.

This offer is aimed at clothing manufacturing companies and at designers. You are free to choose the colour you want, when you need it.

To order yardage and swatches, visit our online store.

See the online inventory