Montloup is above all a family story. One that grows as we grow. It's the kind of family we've chosen and will continue to choose. A story of association, of planets aligning, of the desire to bring an industry back to life. 

Montloup is a fabric supplier that specializes in the creation and design of knitted fabrics made in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), taking the environment into account.. The company's mission is to further the research and development of Canadian-made fabrics by placing ecology at the heart of its priorities.

Montloup team

Lila Rousselet

President and production Manager

In love with fiber, colour and knitwear, Lila has grown up in a world where fabric has always played a key role.

She founded Montloup in 2018 and teaches her passion part-time at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles.


Adriana Castillo

Head of Communications

After studying textile construction, Adriana turned to photography and presentation design.

Her sharp eye and creative personality enable her to create the graphic universe around Montloup. She's also the one that answers all your questions!

Our partners

We're a small team who believe in the power of association!

Our strength lies in our partnerships with local players chosen for their experience and high quality standards. From fiber to dyeing, each stage is meticulously controlled to offer the best possible product.

Parisian knitting

Montloup would be nothing without this partnership! In fact, our offices have been in the factory since May 2023. Above all, Montloup would not have been possible without the support of Joe Leb, the company's president, who has been at the helm since 1967. Lila often refers to him as her mentor, and rightly so, since he taught her so much about fabric manufacturing.

Dyeing and finishing

Dyeing and finishing are handled by different partners in Montreal (Madison avenue studio), Berthierville (Coraltex) and Brampton, Ontario (CTS).

A key stage in the fabric manufacturing process, finishing allows fabrics to be cleaned and checked for thickness and width. It is also at this stage that fabrics are coloured.

Network and community

Montloup, through Lila, is also very present in the Montreal fashion ecosystem. Lila is part of "la communauté de pratique mode textile et habillement" of "Concertation Montréal" and is a member of Mmode. Montloup also supports the Fibershed Québec initiative. Internationally, Montloup is a member of Textile exchange.