Bulk production (500m and more)

Fabrics: The type of fabric, the weight, the colour and the quantities desired. For fabrics that are not in our regular collection, we may need a sample for analysis. Visit our bulk production page for more details. 

Garments : We don't take care of garment production anymore but with a bulk production order, we are able to assist you. Email-us to have more info! 

For most of our fabrics, the minimums are 500m per style which can be divided by 300m per colour.

No. The minimums per colour correspond to the quantities of fabric per kilo that must be dyed and finished to have an even and uniform colour. Therefore, we cannot produce any particular colour below these quantities. The minimums per style correspond to the quantities of fabric to be knitted. It takes time to get it right. Ordering yarns, preparing and adjusting the machines are sometimes long steps that are spread over the amount of fabric produced.

Yes, we always do lab matches with a current production order.

In order to do this, we needa sample of the colour or a Pantone TCX colour code.

Please note that our Pantone binder is available by appointment only.

Approximate lead times are 6 to 7 weeks when we have the threads in stock.

Please note that due to the current crisis, it is preferable to order in advance so that we can put aside the necessary amount of yarn for your order.

Yes, make an appointment with our team or schedule a visit to our showroom.