Colours concept collection 22-23

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Colors hold meaning, as do the words we use, or the type of stitch we choose. We communicate through our clothes, as well as through the fabric that was used to make them. 

 For starters, we wished to create a selection that would be both versatile and timeless. By using colors that travel from one palette to the next, we create a different sense of direction every time. 

This collection was created based on four pillars, all tied by an invisible string. Torn is like the extension of two of our latest palettes, “writing” and “blank page”. Refuge marks the breaking point between urgency and need for comfort. River and Territory pays tribute to the places that occupy our memory. Finally, Love is an ode to love and joy in all their forms. Enjoy the ride […]


01 - Torn 

Collage, yoke, layering are all words that guide the concept of this selection. From Writing to Blank page, we are now moving toward Torn.

A torn state marks the rupture between past and present states. The intertwinement of different colors and textures create organic and unclear shapes that recall both a country and a small mountain.

Torn was also created by wandering cityscapes, standing in front of large buildings a waiting destruction. The traces of past inhabitants were still visible amongst the walls.

Floral wallpaper, exotic or geometrical patterns, orange, green or blue. Layers and layers of wallpaper witnessing the passing of time and the thousands of stories these walls hold. If walls could talk.

02 - Refuge

From outward in, all these layers protect, comfort, keep us warm.

I’ve long since pondered over the strong bond that links clothing and household, because for me, clothing is the body’s refuge, the one that protects us from the cold.

“Their applications may be different, these two domains [clothing and habitat] both include a delimitation of space. Just like a house, the fabric is an enclosure, a limit, an expression of territory” – Vivre habiller, Odile Blanc

03 - River and territory

“The Saint-Lawrence is a person. Our life here dips in its’ moods, movements, colors, light, long watery trail that moves from central America to the ocean, toward the world and sky.”

Roméo Bouchard, Gens de mon pays

For many years, I’ve rolled along the rivers’ edge. The North coast, Kamouraska, Charlevoix, Tadoussac, all these places filled with calm and salty air. For a mountain girl, traveling along the river is kind of like going to the sea inApril: it unclogs our airways, giving us room to breathe.

As the years slowly fade away, I understand, without really knowing why, all the power and the attraction the Saint-Lawrence River has on those who inhabit its’ banks.I’ve always felt mesmerized by the colors and landscapes it has to offer in summer. This mix is splendid, and I felt like offering a selection that would reflect these blissful feelings.

« Je laisse le territoire m’éparpiller comme les oiseaux migrateurs savent pas se perdre. » Chauffer le dehors, un recueil de Marie-Andrée Gill


04 - Love

“My activism comes from passion, compassion and love. Not from anger, anxiety, or fear” Satish Kumar, Activiste indien

In a colorless, empty world such as the one we witnessed in winter 2021, my chosen family, built from the people I stayed in contact with during the pandemic, became crucial: From moral support to survival to the continuation of life.Masks and sanitary precautions weren’t all that kept us alive, the love of those around us was also deeply essential.

 « Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was where the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go. » Sarah Dessen


« Toujours en train d’écrire de quoi pour survivre,
J’invente des listes de choses à faire, déconstruis
Les structures fanées de rêves dociles : oignons
Revenus et soupe chaudes, chanterelles et tartes
aux pommes ; nos accidents de bonheur simple.

Même si la suite aplatit les contours, l’attente est
Une lueur sourde sur la matérialité des mots.
Pourtant, je sais quoi faire et pas faire, j’ai le manuel
De ces affaires-là, les rituels.

Quelque chose en moi garde sa lampe allumée –
Une déchirure, pas tout à fait une blessure, plutôt
Comme quand les nuages s’ouvrent là au milieu,
Entre les poumons – une envie qui peut pas
S’empêcher de chercher le trouble, provoquer
La rencontre, essayer n’importe quoi tout à coup que. »

Chauffer le dehors, un recueil de Marie-Andrée Gill


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Link to the artists and works that inspired me:
Veronique Buist 
Mylène Boisvert
Lucy et Jorge Orta
Craig Green
Robert Rauschenberg
Joseph Beuys

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