Next collaborative pre-sale

June 2021

Maison Montloup is the name of Montloup's collaborative pre-sales system.

With a specially dedicated website, this option allows us to offer bundled production solutions to allow as many people as possible to use organic fabrics made in a respectful way here in Canada at affordable prices.

This new system works on pre-order. Its purpose is to offer the purchase of production fabrics by roll. If the total target set per product is reached, the order is placed in production. If not, the deposit is refunded and the production is cancelled.

Orders are opened 4 to 5 times a year for a period of a week. To know the production calendar, click here.

For each fabric, you can order the amount of roll(s) you need and not the minimum quantity usually required for production. Sales are per roll with a minimum of one roll. Matching rib 1x1 and 2x1 will be available in small quantity at the end of the sale, for the fabrics that will go into production only.

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Maison Montloup